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JEE | NEET | BANKING | IIT FOUNDATION 8/9/10std. Study Material Free Delivery allover India Call 9498098940 Phone: 9498098940 Name: JGK KUMAR
$1550 10-Jan-2018  

QTP testing training course

Automation -- QTP 10.0 /UFT 12.5 Introduction to Automation • What is Automation Testing • Benefits of Automation Testing • Manual Testing Vs Automati
$500038 4-Jan-2018  

Microsoft Power BI Training course

Scope Topic Introduction 1. Introduction to Power BI and Power BI Products. Also, pricing of Power BI 2. Installing Power BI desktop and sign-in to Po
$ 4-Jan-2018  

Amazon Webservices cloud training

Cloud Computing with AWS Syllabus The Basics • Definition of Cloud • Functioning of Cloud • Virtuaization • Cloud Architecture • Types of Cloud Deploy
$ 31-Dec-2017  

Cognos BI Training

Overview of Cognos 10 BI • Introduce Cognos 10 BI • Examine the different studios in Cognos 10 BI • Identify the different data sources within the stu
$ 31-Dec-2017  

Oracle SQL pl SQL Training course at

Oracle 11g SQL and PL/SQL Course Contents ORACLE 11g SQL DBMS Concepts • What is Database? • What is Database System? • RDBMS • ORDBMS • Difference Be
$ 6-Dec-2017  

Selenium Testing training at

Selenium Course Content Introduction: Introduction to Automation Why and when will we go for Automation What is the use of Automation What is the diff
$ 3-Dec-2017