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Posted on 26-Apr-2019 18:02
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CA Siteminder
Pre Requisite to learn this technology = Basic knowledge on UNIX commands
Course Content ::
Introduction to identity and access management and competitive products in the market.
Siteminder overview components involved
Siteminder request flow
• Pre-requisites for installing the policy server
• Installing IIS web server
• Installing and configuration of Sun LDAP directory server
• Installing the policy server
• Installing the Web agent
• Web agent configuration
• Understanding of web server
Working with Siteminder
Siteminder Management console
Discussion on System objects
• Agents and Agent Groups
• Agent conf Objects
• Host Conf Objects
• Trusted Hosts
• User Directories
• Domain
• Administrators
• Authentication Schemes
• Password Polices
Discussion on Domain Object
• Domains
• Realms
• Rules / Rule Groups
• Response / Response Groups
• Policies
Global Polices
Creating the policies and URL protection
Discussing more on System Objects
Understanding the Siteminder and Web agent logs
Starting and Stopping the servers
Single Sign on ( SSO)
Cross Domain SSO ( Single Sign Between different Domain) - Lab Session
Understanding of the Keys used in the system
WinSSO – Sony system
Password Policies – Sony System
Making use of 3rd party tools
• HTTPWatch
• LDAP Browser
Explaining the longs
1. Siteminder SMPS SMtrace and audit logs ( SMAccess)
2. Webagent and WA trace logs
3. Eventvwr logs
4. Webserver logs
Siteminder and webagent upgrade
Tie difference between WA and PS
Host Re-registration
Oneview monitor
Common error codes
Siteminder tools - Export and import the policy server object. Hanging the super user Migrating the policy store
Password using the SMREG tool

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