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Posted on 9-Oct-2019 13:10
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Diaper Rashes one of the worst nightmares of any new parents. As you started using Disposal Diapers there are chances your baby might get rashes.

These are the factors which cause baby rashes using Disposal diapers.

Moisture in the Skin
Not Frequent Changes of Diapers
Sensitive Skin
Exposed to the chemical in the Diapers
Yeast Infection
When you are comparing with Cloth diapers because fewer breakouts on your babies butt reason are

Cloth diapers is frequently changed reason is if your baby gets wets he/she might let you know. Moreover, these diapers are reusable parents don’t have empty their pockets every time.
Unlike disposal diapers, these diapers are 100% chemical-free. Therefore result in less chance of irritation.
Cloth diapers are more comfy and breathy which means your baby skin will be dry.
These Cloth diapers are made with natural cloths instead of the plastic used in the disposal diapers, therefore, fewer chances of irritation.

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