Devops Maven GIT Training course at FuturePoint

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Posted on 24-May-2019 11:16
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DevOps Course Outline

Delivery method:
All the course content will be delivered as live interactive sessions. Topics are covered as handsome live demos instead of in presentations.
Live demonstrations and practicalÂ’s will follow the explanation on how and why of the steps that are being covered.
All the topics covered are interlinked and will be revised again as and when required.

Course Material:
We provide with reference materials and practical guides for following the live sessions.

Overview of tools:
1. Dev ops Introduction & Infrastructure setups
2. LinuxCmd & Administration
3. Shell scripting: Bash ,ksh ,python
5. Maven
6. Jenkings (CI /CD Tools)
7. jforgArtifactory
8. Puppet
9. Chef
I. DEV OPS Intro
1. Introduction
2. Need for DEVOPS
3. High level picture of DEVOPS Architecture
II. Linux &unix Platform
1. Basic commands
2. Advanced commands
3. Administration and understanding the configuration
III. Shell Scripting
1. Bash &korn
2. python
IV. Source Code Control management Tool (GIT )
1. GITHUB setup
2. Remote Repo setup
3. Local Repo setup
4. GIT Basic commands and concepts
5. GIT advance concepts
6. GIT Branching workflows
7. GIT server client setup demonstration using AWS
8. Migrations
V. Maven
1. Maven life cycle
2. Pom.xml
3. Maven repo
4. Dependency and plugins
5. Aritifacts
6. Maven project creations
7. Building the projects
VI. Jenkins
1. Jenkins configuration / installation with tomcat + as service
2. Project creation
VII. AWS services
1. EC2
2. AMI
3. IAM
4. VPC
5. ELB
6. Auto scaling
7. RDS
8. Elastic caches
9. S3 bucket
10. Cloud formation
11. Cloud front
12. cloud watch
VIII. Chef & Puppet
1. Chef / client / workstation installation
2. Bootstrap proce

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