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Posted on 27-Jun-2020 10:26
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Summits Nitrogen generators work efficiently in various industries including food and beverages, heat treatment, laser cutting, and pharma industries. The use of Nitrogen gas instead of air in a process may surprisingly increase the efficiency or effectiveness of the process or product.

Summits Hygronics is successful in the process of Air separation made by two technologies. They are the Pressure Swing Adsorption Process (PSA) and Membrane Technology. The former is the most efficient process and gives higher purity of nitrogen, later is suitable for producing Nitrogen with minimum pressure drop. In both, the process Air separation is accomplished by the removal of Oxygen and other effluent gases from the air.

We manufacture Nitrogen generators which can provide uninterrupted high purity nitrogen gas based on the demand. These Nitrogen generators work on the principle of Air Separation and it can save a lot of energy spent in the conventional cryogenic Nitrogen generation plants

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