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Posted on 25-Oct-2019 12:48
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Tableau 10.2 (Desktop, Server / Online, Public, Reader, Mobile)

Job Topic
Introduction 1. What is Tableau? What are the Tableau versions?
2. What are the Tableau products and what is use of each product?

Features 3. Installing the Tableau desktop 10.2 and explore the new features of Tableau 10.2
1.Recomonded Tables and Joins2. Pdf file connector3. Automatic Query Caching
4.Tableau Bridge5. Web Authoring with Menu and Story points
6. Data Alerts

Data Management
4. Explore different data sources in Tableau
5. Connecting to sample store excel file and verify the different options
(1. Joins with Calculations, Cross Database joins& Data blending2. filters 3. Live vs. Extract –file save as. TDE 4. Sorting 5. Rename, hide, Aliases 6. Metadata 7. Colour symbols 8. Data type change 9. Describe 10. Pivot 11. Split/Custom Split 12. Calculated field, Groups, Bin, 13. DB Unions)

6. Know about Tableau designingshelves (
1. Data Panel 2. Analyticspanel 3. Rows/Columns 4. Show Me Control 5. Filters 6. Marks( Colour, Size, Text/Label, Tooltip, Detail and Shape)8. Pages)

Connecting to MS SQL Server &Data blending
7. Connect to SQL server database and write the custom SQL query to prepare data
8. Whatis data blending and what are the basic requirements to do data blending
9. Creating Sets with different options and how to use sets in the report.
10. Use of Highlighter in the report

How to show the numerical result into percentage format in cross tab report?
13. Formatting the report and Formatting workbook (All reports at a time)
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